Quote of the day–American Mercenary

If government is the source of rights, then the government can take those “rights” away. Don’t believe me? Reference; China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Rwanda, Yugoslavia, USSR, and Burma.

Government can and will take your life. Where the hell are your “rights” then?

Here is a base truth; Government does not create, government meddles in the form of regulation and redistribution of human activity.

American Mercenary
August 28, 2010
[As I have said before, governments cannot grant or create rights. They can only protect them or infringe them.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–American Mercenary

  1. This post proves exactly how we look at things differently.

    Joe looks at this and says “See? Those governments have INFRINGED ON RIGHTS.”

    And I say “See? Those governments never promised those rights in the first place.”

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