Gun cartoon of the day

Were there ever any cartoons expressing the view that President Clinton was the puppet of The Brady Campaign? That view certainly would have had more truth to it than President Bush was the puppet of the NRA or Charlton Heston.

But then truth is irrelevant to bigots.


3 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss this one for being drawn out of sheer hatred for guns, there is a news element to it. When the current head of General Operations was a board member, he got up and announced to a room full of people with a video camera running that eventually made its way to the WaPo that if George Bush won (in 2000, obviously), the NRA would be working out of the Oval Office. Needless to say, it made headlines. Not surprisingly, it also means George Bush publicly backed away from our agenda. Heston was president at the time this happened.

  2. Same as it ever was;
    Politicians who advocate liberty are the tools and puppets of “special interests” and are therefore stupid, weak and/or corrupt, whereas politicians who advocate statism do so out of compassion and concern for their fellow human beings and are therefore smart, strong and/or heroes.

    I had that message down pat by the mid 1970s. It’s just that back then I believed the lie. It took another couple decades to understand it fully.

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