Gun cartoon of the day

The artist limits “the solutions” by posing “the problem” as he does. Just as we would, and should, if we pose the problem as a civil rights infringement problem. I’ve posted on this general topic before (and here).

As a wise engineering manager once told me, it is more important to define the problem than discover a solution. We can’t let the anti-freedom bigots define the problem.

Alan Gura spoke about this some with us bloggers at the NRA convention this year. He is of the opinion the NRA is an expert at legislation and lobbying but that in our current situation civil rights lawsuits are most effective. This is not to say that we can’t have two or more solutions to the same problem but that we should recognize the problem can be framed multiple ways and that depending upon the framing we change the solution set. And with those changing solution sets it may be that a different set of experts are needed.


8 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. Agree that a multi-prong defense is needed. Too many people who have weapons think that the NRA is responsible to keep their 2A rights alive. Yet the same people won’t throw a dime into the fight, and some won’t even vote, but they’ll go gaga over the latest version of a M4 or a Remington 700, and rush out to buy it as soon as it hit the shelves at their local gun store. But are they going to hearings when their state’s Fish and Game Dept decides to close off public hunting land? Are they continuing to vote for politicians who are willing to take their guns away, because they always pull D or R, just like their parents did? Will they go to city hall and force the town’s Police Chief to comply with the “Shall Issue” part of the State’s CCW law, and back up their threat with a lawyer standing next to them, taking notes? Tip O’Neill is famous for saying that “All politics is local”, and he was right. But that implies that I need to fight for my 2A rights in my hometown and state, and so do you. Don’t expect Alan Gura to do all of your work for you.

  2. Whatever. But that’s a funny cartoon. There is more than one way to read it and the cartoonist did a good job.

  3. Then explain or quit running away like you always have when we call you out.

  4. Heh. I’d have said “suppressors” in that last, but hey- whatever works 😀

  5. I hereby move that ubu be known henceforth as “Sir Robin.” Does anyone second the motion?

  6. Fortunately or unfortunately, Markaphasia over at Kevin’s place has more than solidly claimed that particular title, Dixie.

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