Video glasses while open carrying

I walked over to son James place for dinner and videos after work tonight. I decided to wear my new glasses and open carry. The video was boring so I didn’t both to post it.

On the way back it was cool and I put my coat on and it covered my gun. Besides they had theĀ polarized lenses installed which would have made it difficult to see at night. In the entrance/exit to his condo complex there were two cop cars and another car. I turned on the video and just held them as I walked past.

The video was as good as could be expected in the low light. Here is a screen capture of one of the frames:

My expectation is that if there is enough light you can see then the video will be usable.

Unfortunately they broke when I took them off (they were hanging from a lanyard around my neck) when I got back to my place. The frame just above the right eye broke. I think I can glue them and then if I am very careful with them they will still be usable.


2 thoughts on “Video glasses while open carrying

  1. Unfortunately they broke when I took them off

    Well…that’s not very encouraging. $300 piece of equipment that breaks the second time you use it?

    Are you going to test the company’s customer service with regard to this? I sure would. If nothing else, it will let others of us who’ve been considering buying a pair of these know whether the company backs up its product or not.

    $300 is a lot of money to me. As it stands, there’s no way I’ll drop that much dough on something that isn’t going to last me a good long time. It would behoove the company to treat you right because otherwise, they just lost at least one potential customer.

  2. Make that two…I was going to order a pair tonight until I read that.

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