Changing Colors

Ah, Spring!  It’s a time when the land turns green, the trees are budding, the flowers are blooming, and the Republicans begin to change their spots, pretending to be conservative in preparation for the upcoming election season.  It’s the never-ending cycle of life.


4 thoughts on “Changing Colors

  1. “…and the Republicans begin to change their spots”.

    We have small frogs around these parts that do the same thing. When these frogs turn a certain color the snakes eat them.

  2. Yeh, and it’s also the election season too. I can tell because McCain is pretending to want the borders closed again. I respect the mans service but I think he’s been around too long and I hope the people of Arizona kick his ass out of office.

  3. tjb; I think it’s time we can dispense with the qualifier; “I respect his service”. If you’re asserting American Principles, you don’t need to say it. If you’re asserting anti American Principles, and you say it anyway, it just proves that you are who you are, which we would know anyway.

    Military service does not give one license to come home and compromise the Principles he supposedly fought for. He took an Oath after all, and his sufferings at the hands of communists does not release him from it. If anything, he should have been all the more determined to uphold it, and to the letter.

    For myself, I’m fed up with weasles who, like McCain, smugly assert themselves as “above the fray” thinking they’re superior to those who steadfastly and consistently uphold the Principles of Liberty

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