Quote of the day–Oren’s War

Can the United States government actually get too large? Can “We, the People” ever retake control of our elected government officials?

Young marksman Oren Fletcher learned to hunt in the hills near his family’s farm and spent hundreds of hours at the range target practicing with his custom-built, high-powered rifle. Upon the untimely murder of his father at the hands of the newly and illegally created United States Federal Office of Gun Enforcement, Oren takes matters into his own hands.

With a strong and dedicated will to eliminate and sidetrack those who would destroy our country’s Second Amendment and the Constitution, Oren sets out to restore solid American values based on his own interpretation of our nation’s “Supreme Law of the Land.”

Several subplots interweave the novel, finally intersecting with a definite finality for the “bad guys.” Meet “Louie the Pig,” a murderous repeat offender and his druggie partner Raymond Porter, along with street scum Bobbie Jones, who murdered Oren’s mother.

The United States Enforcers are worse than these lowly felons. Hiding behind newly created American laws created to remove all guns from private ownership, the Enforcers raid and pillage gun owners with sanctioned impunity. Under the leadership of Enforcer General Bob Woods, the Enforcers forever change the meaning of the words “gun collector.”

While Oren makes the biggest impact on both criminals and Enforcers alike, it is a host of American heroes, the Militia, if you will, that shows its indomitable American spirit throughout this novel.

Oren’s War
From the back cover and the website.
[I’ve just barely started it but this may be the book for gun owners in this decade that Unintended Consequences was for them the 1990s.–Joe]


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  1. Good to know. I got a copy of it and it’s next in line to be read (please, for the love of all that’s Manly and Good, don’t ask what’s currently being read ;).

    Sounds like I’m in for a treat.

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