Phony U.S. Marshall stars in Security Theater presentation

Via Glenn Reynolds (via Say Uncle), I found out that TSA let a guy with a gun and a convincing demeaner put his “prisoner” on an airplane.

How can people put up with the security theater at the airport without a look of disgust and anger at the people pawing through their stuff and putting their hands all over them? It’s all to make some people feel better.

If someone had the help a dozen people or so who knew what they were doing (here is a hint) the TSA could be thrown out on the street. It’s wouldn’t be pretty for a week or two, it wouldn’t be legal, but I think it could be done.

TSA, A Security Theater.


One thought on “Phony U.S. Marshall stars in Security Theater presentation

  1. I think the individual acts would be legal. Conspiracy to make the TSA look like the fools they are would probably get you the death penalty.

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