Boomershoot article in Motorcyclist magazine

Via email from veteran Boomershooter (he was at the FIRST Boomershoot in 1998) Steve M. and the author of the article, Jack Lewis, I found out the March 2010 issue of Motorcyclist magazine has an article about a trip to Boomershoot 2009 from the Seattle area on a motorcycle with a sidecar–a 2WD Ural Safari.

It includes a lot of photos (by Shasta Wilson) and is a great story. It includes typical Boomershoot experiences like:

Bundling Pretty Wife into fuzzy blankets, I tossed two cased rifles across her chest and we were off.

“Don’t worry, ” I bellowed, “It won’t rain in the mountains!”

It didn’t rain. It snowed.

I bought out the entire supply of the issue at the newsstand in the lobby of the Crossroads Mall in Bellevue, WA and they said they are unlikely to get any more in. The Barnes and Noble next door only had a couple of February issues when I checked on Sunday evening but if you check there now they might have one.

The article starts on page 70.


4 thoughts on “Boomershoot article in Motorcyclist magazine

  1. Cool!

    “Two forms of internal combustion.” Heh. And a couple forms of external combustion to boot.

  2. Congratulations on the exposure! Gotta love the two-page spread… (in addition to the article behind it, I am sure).

  3. Great article!!

    Well written. I haven’t read a motorcycle mag since I quit riding 25 years ago, and I thourougly enjoyed it. Well written, well done!

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