New Idaho gun laws go into effect

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The following pro-gun bills which were drafted by IdahoSSA go into effect today (July 1st):

  • House bill 65 which clarified that Idaho residents can buy long guns from dealers in non-contiguous states and vice versa. 
  • House bill 137 which grants State parks the power to regulate discharge of firearms in campgrounds etc. but makes it  clear that they have no authority to ban lawful carry. IdahoSSA is working closely with Parks and Recreation to make sure that their final rule specifically recognizes the right to carry in State Parks. 
  • House bill 194 which grants immunity from liability to shooting ranges, firearms instructors, and match officials 
  • House bill 287 which grants immunity to employers who allow their employees to store personal firearms in their cars on company property.  Employers in Idaho now have NO LEGITIMATE REASON to ban the storage of firearms in their parking lots. If you or someone you know is affected by this kind of  anti-gun policy at work please send me a copy of the pertinent policy. IdahoSSA will be working to educate employers on this law.

If anyone has any questions about the effect of these bills please feel free to contact me.


IdahoSSA is your pro-gun voice. Our mission is to:

RESEARCH the current law and DRAFT proposed improvements.

LOBBY  the legislature and state officials on behalf of gun rights and the shooting sports.  

EDUCATE the public about the responsible use of firearms and RESPOND to media attacks on gun rights.

PROMOTE the shooting sports and ENCOURAGE the development of shooting ranges.

LITIGATE if neccessary on behalf of firearm rights.


As always: Thanks for your support!



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Executive Director/General Counsel

Idaho Sport Shooters Alliance

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