Speaking of irrational

Via Ry and the Seattle PI:

A vehicle drives on top of plastic toy guns to destroy them in Medellin, Colombia. Police exchanged children’s plastic toy guns for food as part of a campaign to diminish the use of toy weapons. (AP Photo/Luis Benavides)
(June 08, 2009)


4 thoughts on “Speaking of irrational

  1. All they need now is some candles, a big paper mache globe, and some stilt puppets. That’s why -our- lefties are better than -their- lefties.

  2. Destroying guns in effigy. Interesting. Maybe they’ll light them on fire, get naked, and dance around the flames chanting slogans translated from the VPC.

    Hmm; toy guns for food. OK, so what do you do for food when you’re all out of toy guns and your city is run by drug cartels and quasi-socialists? Make more toy guns I guess. This could be the start of a new cottage industry.

    I remember Lance the Gun Runner making up some trashy pistols, just barely qualifying legally as “firearms”, so he could trade them in during one of these “guns-for-something-or-other” programs. I don’t know if he ever followed through with it, but the concept is the same there in Columbia, I expect. Get, or make, your kids some toy guns. When they’re done playing with them, they can turn them in for some chow. One can imagine toy guns becoming a kind of informal currency if this keeps going.

  3. hmm, not enough toy guns left to do that here. They’ve mostly been covered under firearms legislation as “dangerously realistic replicas” for years.

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