Buffers take a beating

In the U.K. the Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament has several duties. Some of these have been hazardous to their health:

The Speaker sets the agenda for debate in parliament, calls on members of parliament to speak, can limit question time and decide whether amendments should be voted on.

They also traditionally serve as a liaison with the monarch, acting as a buffer between the Commons and the sovereign.

In the past, when relations between the two were not always so good, Speakers had a deadly job. In fact, nine Speakers, all prior to 1560, died a violent death, one murdered, one killed in battle and seven beheaded, two on the same day.

I’m all for our Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi resigning because of her scandal (as the U.K. speaker is) but being beheaded seems a little over the top (as well was being a little off the top).


3 thoughts on “Buffers take a beating

  1. C’mon Joe. If politicians lying became a capital offense, there’d be two wonderful things happening:
    1. There’d be a lot more truth in politics

    2. There’d be a LOT fewer politicians.

    Duchess Nancy will not step down, it is only the conservative party (and damned few of them) who feel guilt for lying. They see society as a two tier structure, with everyone being equal, but some being more equal, and they are the more equal “intelligentsia” who are anointed to lead the illiterati to the light. If they have to lie to the people to get their ends met, then it becomes not only allowed, but the preferred method of controlling the populace.

    Just like parents decide what children will know and when they will know it, socialists decide what information becomes public and how it will be presented. If they are challenged, the scream “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

  2. All very well and good. But what is the backup plan if we behead Nance and it doesn’t kill her??? My God, she might multiply or something.

  3. There is no way the current crop of R’s can look good if Pelosi steps down and we get someone like Hoyer in her place. He might actually clean up the place a bit. And while I stress the word “might” to mean its weakest possible sense, it is still possible.

    Nope, leave her be. Like the chubby girl who keeps an obese friend around to make her look skinny, Pelosi makes it easy for the R’s to look good (aka: intelligent and honest).

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