The Brady Campaign and media bias

Can you name one time where the press has published a NRA letter or media release as if it were there own? I can’t think of one. In fact it’s hard to find instances where the media has published more than a few sentences of what NRA has to say on a topic.

Yet here is what appears to be a complete story written by the Brady Campaign and published if it were a story from the newspaper. Notice that the bottom line of the story says:

# # #


What media bias?


2 thoughts on “The Brady Campaign and media bias

  1. My response:
    The whole notion that armed-to-the-teeth hillbillies will be sitting around Ranger Rick’s fireside chat at Jellystone is laughable. In enlightened states that issue concealed carry permits (or don’t require them at all) VPC members walk down busy city streets without any clue that they are surrounded by peaceful armed citizens. For what reason does the VPC suddenly believe that being armed in a park will suddenly result in manifest armed confrontations? This lie has been disproven time and again as more and more states adopt concealed carry laws, with no indication of the “Wild west blood in the streets” carnage that VPC touts as the sure result of such legislation. Fortunately, except for those who enjoy keeping their heads buried in the sand, the constant and shameless VPC lies have been pretty well busted, and most normal folks now recognize that the ability to effectively defend oneself, whether in a mall, park, church, or campground, is a good thing.

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