Quote of the day–Nate Murray

We are shooting what I wanted to from the beginning,…. a pilot for a new show on the outdoor channel. The show would be called “Gun Nuts”, or ‘Tactical TV”.

Nate Murray
Sound Theory Productions
April 20, 2009
[There was a change of plan on the filming for the TV show at Boomershoot 2009. Instead of filming for the Western Extreme/Adventures Abroad TV shows it’s going to be a pilot for a new show. The pressure is on!–Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Nate Murray

  1. That…is a matter of some concern to me. Of course, I’d be fine with a TV show on the outdoor channel called “Gun Nuts”…if I was hosting it.

    Actually, that gives me an idea. Joe, if you have contact info for Nate, could you pass that on to me?

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