Private party

As I reported yesterday due to a failure in communications one of the Boomershoot spectators showed up a week early on Saturday night. I felt so bad about it that we put on a private party for them. They got the full Boomershoot experience. From helping fold the boxes for the targets (a staff t-shirt will be delivered within a week or two), seeing the targets made, shooting boomers, seeing an awesome fireball (Caleb was some distance away and thought it had enveloped us) and even helping to put out a fire.

Son-in-law Caleb and daughter Kim starting the box folding. We ended up with about 65 crates of empty boxes.

Our guest after hitting her first boomer.

Notice there is still a smile as she prepares to engage the next one.

The second boomer in the early stages of earth movement. Notice the dirt moving outward?

Our shooter was 25 yards from the boomers. Almost Entertainingly Close.

Due to some technical difficulties I shot the fireball target and there was no one on the camera.
This is want it looked like about 15 seconds after detonation. Notice the flames to the far left.

After about 15 minutes of fire fighting. We were very glad it was near the creek and we had buckets to move water with.
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7 thoughts on “Private party

  1. Those boomers she hit were BIG! Some were 2 lbs (oops, I put too much in one box).
    At the angle I was at it seemed those two were in trouble when the huge fireball ballooned out.. I should have known better.. It’s Joe. He is the definition of ‘ultra redundant safety’.

  2. Helping to put out a grass fire – that definitely makes her Boomershoot experience complete 🙂

  3. Rule NO.1 when using pyrotechnics. Be prepared to put out a large fire!!!

  4. DAMN! I just gotta prepare to come to next year’s BoomerShoot. Put a scope (and butt pad. Ouch, that thing has some recoil force!) on the ol’ M44 Mosin-Nagant, sight her in & see how well she does. YEAH!

  5. Oh wow, I didn’t realise your guest was her!!! I never worked with her, but I did with Bill (her office share).

  6. Kris, I haven’t really worked with her either. She was the mentor for my officemate (when she was an intern) and I see her in a few meetings. It was neat to have her drive all the way out and say she had a good time.

  7. Reminds me of a quote from one of Douglas Adams’ books; “…the best bang since the big one.”

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