Quote of the day–Fitzroy

False, dangerous, misguided . . . and justified. Liberalism in a nutshell.

October 6, 2008
False But Justified
[Others, and rightly so, quoted this when it first came out. I’ve been saving it for “the proper occasion”. Today is that day. My next post will explain.–Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day–Fitzroy

  1. That sort of goes along with one of Reagan’s quotes. IIRC; “It’s not that I think liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so much that isn’t true.”

    But then, why should we shackle ourselves to reason and to unbending facts? Shouldn’t we be “liberated” from the rigidity, the stiffness and the constraints of so-called “truth”? Look at those who demand truth, and who use reason to hurt others. See how angry they get in the face of the kindred, free spirits who oppose them. Is that any way to live? We the Progressives say, No! Be thou guided more by the heart and the spirit and the soul and by intuition than by the mind. In so doing you will find meaning in life.

    Yeah, right before you drink the Kool-Aid. Liberal Fascism is a death cult, but saying it won’t convince anyone. I guess it needs to play itself out from every possible angle. How may are there?

    Maybe it’s our fate as a species. Maybe Darwin would conclude that our tendency for mass insanity is inseparable from our creativity and innovation. He had a term for it– features that coincided, as baggage, with good features, having no apparent benefit to survival and sometimes being detrimental. Sort of genetic catch-22s if you will. Did he call it “association”? I forget.

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