Political Profiling

The story from Missouri has been out for some time.  I want to say I’m glad the report was distributed, because it shows us the bigoted, upside-down views a lot of people have, and that they’re eager to act on them.  We knew it already, but we now have a better idea of what to expect.

The people you need to look out for are the several Left-wing groups.  It’s been a long-standing MO of theirs to accuse their opposition of doing what they themselves are already doing, or what they’re planning.


3 thoughts on “Political Profiling

  1. Yeah, they retracted it. They are also “investigating” the source and altering their review policy. None of that matters though, does it? The cat is out of the bag. We already know how they think.

    It doesn’t matter that you put some cookies back in the jar after having been caught with your hand in it, stealing. You’re still a confirmed thief.

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