This is How the Problem Can be Solved

Posit; We know our government is out of control.  We know the U.S. and many of the state constitutions are being willfully violated.  We know that more people need to be made aware of the scope of the problem.  What then?  What do we actually do about it?  I’ve been talking to you all here, I attended one of the “We Surround Them” meetings, plus I’ve talked with friends and acquaintances for years about it.  It’s not a partisan issue– it’s pandemic.  We tried the Republican Party.  We handed them both houses of Congress and the Whitehouse at the same time, but clearly they are not, and have not been, at all serious about reducing the size and scope of government and restoring lost liberties.

If we were to try the (barely) successful model of the 1770s, we’d be storming government offices right now, tarring and feathering politicians, etc.  I don’t think that’s necessary at this stage, however.  Not just yet.  We have tools that were not available to the American colonists.  We have the legal process at our immediate disposal on our own soil.  Here is one example;

Former State Sen. Vincent Fumo was convicted of all 137 counts against him today as his marathon federal corruption trial ended in a stunning victory for prosecutors.

We can talk to our neighbors, local business owners, law enforcement, legal scholars and prosecutors.  Nearly every locale in America has a target rich environment for criminal prosecutions of politicians who are blatantly over-stepping their authority, intimidating innocent people, and attempting to pass laws in violation of our constitution.  Cases and jurisdictions need to be carefully examined, but there are rich pickings all across America right now.

If there is an epidemic of such cases, some of those in office will start to get the point.  If they don’t get the point after that or if the courts fail in their duty, we’ll have to start buying tar.


2 thoughts on “This is How the Problem Can be Solved

  1. The only thing stunning was that he was actually brought to court. They always win against politicians. The prosecutors just never bother to bring them to trial. (Birds of a feather have to stick together, you know.)

    Seriously, can you name three politicians who were acquitted of corruption charges?

  2. What about the politicians who lay low and go about the business of voting our rights away quietly? My congressman is Tim Bishop – an F- by the GOA scale – but as far as I know, other than the violations of the Constitution (which no one cares about) and morality (which people care less about) he’s spotless.

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