Words have meaning

You would think that professional writers would know words have meanings and this is nonsensical unless you also believe the Robocop or Terminator movies represent reality:

The U.S. State Department said on Friday that U.S.-purchased or stolen weapons account for 95 percent of Mexico’s drug related killings, and that Mexican cartels are increasingly carrying out contract killings in the U.S.

But of course from the following it’s apparent facts are irrelevant to this writer (gun shows have the same laws and most state do not have¬†registration):

Mexican cartels often pay U.S. citizens to purchase assault rifles or other guns at gun shops, then sell them to a cartel representative at a U.S. gun show, where registration rules are much less stringent and the gun sale can’t be easily traced.

I have to conclude the writer is clueless, has an agenda against the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights or both.


5 thoughts on “Words have meaning

  1. 2000 guns per day coming from the us into Mexico? That would be 730,000 guns a year…almost 20% of the total firearms produced annually. I call bullshit.

  2. He’s probably quoting from a state department press release. That means a clueless, anti-2nd Amendment scribbler is quoting from a press release written by a clueless, anti-2nd Amendment, government employee. Talk about the blind reading the blind…

  3. The writer is a total dupe. Facts mean nothing to the mongols/trolls who work for newspapers or other avenues of the main stream media. It’s agenda, agenda, agenda.

    It’s starting to remind me of 1960’s Pravda propaganda. Same lies only on a different day.

  4. Anyone that believes these idiots and the *American gun owners are doing it* BS id too stupid to breathe, they would DIE if it weren’t a reflex action!!

  5. I’d like an explanation of why a gun show would be involved. If the buyer has already bought the guns “at gun shops”, what’s the purpose of taking them to a gun show? So the media will have something to talk about? Why not sell them to the gangsters, say, in a dark parking lot?

    And if it is known that these drug cartel gun deals are being done at gun shows, surely they have the names of some perpetrators. Does anyone know of any specific convictions?

    Lets see; how many guns were provided to the corrupt Mexican government by the U.S. military? Who is trying to cover their tracks?

    I say this whole thing is exactly as valid as the “plastic gun” scare that was being perpetrated when Glock started selling in the U.S.

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