I knew they were stupid but WOW!

You have to wonder if they need help figuring out how to breath when you hear of people like this:

Why can’t there be more stringent laws against guns in Salinas?

Salinas police Cmdr. Dino Bardoni was the first official placed in the hot seat tonight as a townhall meeting kicked off at Sherwood Hall on North Main Street.

The initial question was posed by Peter Valdez of Salinas, who wanted to know why gun locks couldn’t be enforced in the city – forcing gang members to lock their guns in order to transport them.

“Gang member are not going to adhere to the law,” said Bardoni, referring to how the criminals use illegal guns. “The problem is the outlaw element that is carrying the guns that we can’t control at this point.”

He is one of six panelists participating in a townhall meeting geared to community members who have concerns about the ongoing gang problems in the city that have so far killed six people in 2009.

The emphasis above is mine.

Unfortunately they probably not only know how to breath but have reproduction and voting figured out too. I figure that is the only explanation we have for the existence of all the people that want to ban guns.


7 thoughts on “I knew they were stupid but WOW!

  1. I dunno, he did manage to get the guy to admit criminals don’t follow laws.

    Might be a good tactic to employ on politicians from time to time.

  2. Look on the bright side. It’s a step in the right direction. It’s taken decades, but some people are starting to realize that criminals don’t obey gun laws.

  3. “The problem is the outlaw element that is carrying the guns that we can’t control at this point.”

    I guess the unspoken idea there is “so we’ll control the law abiding folks instead”.

  4. It’s hard to know without having been there to hear the question, without knowing the guy who asked it, or without even really knowing the exact context, but this is EXACTLY the tactic I use in a lot of discussions about gun control.

  5. It’s possible it was a sarcastic/rhetorical question. But I have debated with people that have made similar comments in all seriousness. Someone should do a web search for his name and see if better context can be obtained.

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