Quote of the day–Len Savage

I am a witness in a still pending case, and I am being “leaned on.” This is not the first time ATF has taken out vengeance during a court case.

Len Savage
Owner Historic Arms LLC
January 31, 2009
Gun trial witness: Feds out for ‘vengeance’ Government’s action costing business thousands of dollars.
[Yup. Albert Kwan also comes to mind.–Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Len Savage

  1. I am not sure just how you turn a semi-automatic weapon into a machine gun with a piece of string. Is it tied to the trigger and then pulled once to fire a round? I still don’t know how you can make it fire more than once with each pull of the string, anyone?

  2. I wonder if Parkinson’s Disease would allow you to twitch your trigger finger really fast, while still holding the piece steadily enough to point it straight. Maybe if it were heavy, and on a tripod?

    I mean, maybe we could bust Janet Reno for constructive possession. Just fantasizing, here.

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