Quote of the day–Paul Helmke

While we opposed the Court’s decision to overrule 70 years of precedent and over 200 years of Second Amendment history, gun violence prevention advocates praised Section III of Justice Antonin Scalia’s decision to find a wide variety of gun control regulations “presumptively lawful” under the Constitution. Such laws include restrictions against carrying concealed weapons, laws against gun possession by felons and the mentally ill, laws against taking guns into “sensitive places” such as schools and government buildings, and laws that restrict “dangerous and unusual” weapons. Indeed, Justice Scalia stated that his list of “presumptively lawful” regulations comprised only examples, and was “not exhaustive.”

Paul Helmke
Brady Campaign president
January 21, 2009
OPINION: New Day Dawning for Gun Violence Prevention
[From reading his gloating the only thing the 2A protects in the right to keep a firearm in your home for self-defense. Concealed carry elimination is clearly one of his goals. Registration is almost for certain is one of his goals. And if I squint just a little as I read his article I can even see the desire to limit people to owning just one gun.

Molôn Labé, Paul, Molôn Labé.–Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Paul Helmke

  1. Since they didn’t view DC’s pre Heller gun laws an infringement, I suppose anything goes as far as the Brady Bunch is concerned.

  2. Helmke is a shyster. It wasn’t a long line of precedent, it was an anomalous ruling for a dead man, adding words and meaning to the Second Amendment that were conspicuously absent from history. Anway, it’s no great loss if the federal government completely abandons disarmament, as it is directed to do so by its defining body of law–the states still possess a great amount of anti-liberty statutes.

    No one has yet established a causal relationship between guns and crime, nor has anyone shown that guns lower safety. There are no testable theories, and there won’t be, because millions of people visit shooting ranges, gun shops and go hunting every year, and none of those places experience rampant violent crime.

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