More data points on gun sales

Yesterday Barb and I went on drive. This Thursday Barb has a class in Bellingham so we drove up there ahead of time to make sure she can find it without difficulty during morning traffic. It was a nice day and it was a pleasant drive and we got a chance to talk about a bunch of stuff rather than sitting at our respective desks with our hobbies.

Just prior to leaving we stopped at Joe’s Sports, Outdoor, and More (no relation). I was looking for some .45 ACP brass so I can reload for my Gun Blog 45. Midway is out of stock. The shelf with the brass was nearly empty with only a couple bags with some 7mm brass hanging from a hook. The powder and primer shelves were nearly empty as well. Hmmm…

On the way back from Bellingham we stopped at Kesselring Gun Shop in Burlington. The parking lot was FULL. And this is on the same weekend that WAC had their big show in Puyallup! I found a narrow spot to park between a building and a pickup that was parked such that it was blocking a private road. We went inside to find the store was packed. Every aisle was crowded. There was just barely enough room to move between all the people. I found the brass I was looking for at a reasonable price (considering), paid for it and we left.

One has to wonder if we had put that much money and effort into defeating Obama in November would we have succeeded? Being reactive seldom is better than proactive but that just isn’t the way human nature works. And the money gun owners are spending on firearms, ammo, and accessories could have gone into the election process and ended up in the hands of mainstream media who are one of our worst enemies and instead of into tools of freedom in our own hands.


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  1. Joe,

    You paraphrased exactly what I told a friend a couple weeks ago. We have to get proactive and LOUD as hell. Put it in the liberals face. They like to kill babies, I like to ‘kill’ paper targets.

  2. First they said it was a 10% increase. I said 100%. Lately they’re saying 40% or so. I say it’s been 100% for several months now (over the same period last year) and that there’s an incentive to underreport.

  3. Obama had a $400 Million campaign budget. Think about that. The additional money spent by gun owners given to mass media would have been a spitball to a freight train.

    It would have made no difference. If all those gun owners had voted as gunowners then maybe.

    Besides, if liberals are so evil — why fret if they kill their own babies? Should theoretically reduce their numbers in the long run. Certainly reduces my tax burden to promote the welfare state.

  4. If we’d put that much money and effort into defeating Obama, we’d have elected who? Someone who supports gun rights, or John McCain, who would probably have been just as bad as Obama will be?

    In order to get me motivated, we’d have to have had a viable altenative. I figured that we were going to be up the creek no matter who won.

  5. why fret if they kill their own babies? Should theoretically reduce their numbers in the long run.

    They own the schools, so they don’t need kids of their own to propagate.

  6. There are about 4 million NRA members (out of roughly 85 million gun owners). If each of those NRA members had donated $100 that would have matched Obama’s entire war chest. How much are those gun owners now spending on guns and ammo? I’d rather have the guns and ammo than a McCain presidency but I’d rather have a McCain presidency than a Obama presidency.

  7. If we keep supporting socialist Republicans, we’ll keep getting McCains. The only thing we can do is withhold support until they field some decent candidates. And yeah, I voted for Whathisname/Palin.

    Now, for a real eye-opener on the subject, read this.

    Finished reading the linked article? OK; We have a lot of power, that it true, but throwing money to the McLames of the world is a poor way to use it, IMO. Our problem, it can be argued, is that we’ve been supporting the McLames for far too long, and as such we’ve been taken for granted.

    McLame won the nomination in part because of inequities in the way the two parties run their primaries. That’s got to change right there. I further assert that there were some poison policies operating inside the GOP leadership. The GOP primary smelled bad to me all along, the way some of the candidates dropped out so easily and with so little explanation.

    Then campaign finance (i.e. free speech) has to be restored (as Coulter describes) and that means getting rid of McCain/Feingold. Either that or the GOP leadership has to take some hard medicine, grow a pair, and change their whole outlook. Not likely, I know.

    But do you have any idea of the extent of the disgust, the contempt and the revulsion that those in the GOP leadership have for us? We embarrass the hell out of them. To them, we are slobbering, idiot bumpkins and fools who know not the first thing about politics. We’re talking about a whole party full of political Neville Chamberlains. They hold their noses while they pretend to pander to us, here and there, in a campaign– they tolerate us for our votes, and after an election they wash their hands. Therefore I say the problem will continue until the party leadership is replaced, or until some third party arises from the smoldering ashes of the GOP.

    I know there are those who will protest, saying that there is a huge difference between the two parties, and that I couldn’t be mnore wrong and foolish in my assertions. Yes there are differences– they amount to more socialism slower, verses more socialism, faster. No doubt also, those close to them will point to huge differences between the Crips and the Bloods, but I’m not terribly interested in the their differences, as they’re both going in the wrong direction. The last few months of the Bush administration are a case in point– the biggest take-over of the economy in history, second only to FDR. You can throw money in support of that if you want.

  8. I, too, voted for the Saracuda, and that old guy. The ideal ticket would have included a non-senile, non-crazy retired Naval Aviator ( and a female half-Luo who’s a retired Sgt. in the USAF. She used to blog as “Baldilocks”, lately as “halfluo.” She raises funds for a school in Kenya in the town where the O-hole’s Daddy came from. The O-hole can’t be bothered with that, or his brother.

    Owhell, ain’t no bloggers not never gonna be no prezzidenses.

  9. “One has to wonder if we had put that much money and effort into defeating Obama in November would we have succeeded?”

    I doubt it; Obama also had a big chunk of the MSM shilling for him. No matter how much we spent it wouldn’t really have mattered.
    Just my opinion.

  10. Lyle, I’m reminded of this quote.

    I don’t know what the solution is. Some people have suggested we need to vote for the worst fascists/socialist/communists (for the purposes of this discussion they are all the same because they demand government control of nearly everything) such that “the people will see the light” and we have chance of a successful revolution for freedom/liberty. I have not bought into that mindset (I too voted for Sarah) but I have difficulty refuting their argument as well as having a strong preference for lack of bloodshed.

    See also Sebastian’s post on a closely related topic.

  11. Excellent quote and an interesting post.

    If we look at the Party like a child; Would we be giving our kids their allowances if they chronically fail to do their chores an fail to uphold household standards? What if they habitually misrepresent themselves, talking one way to us parents in person, and then acting in the opposite way, always calculating just how much they can get away with and still get the allowance, knowing that we’re very busy and aren’t taking enough time to keep an eye on them?

    The Medveds among us are saying we need to keep giving the allowance, because otherwise the kid will hate us, or will run away and join that gang we’ve been trying to keep them out of (favoring the bad choice over a worse choice– I’ve seen this in action in families known to me, and it never works). But a good parent knows he must hold the kid accountable, withhold the allowance, be very specific regarding what is expected of the child before the allowance will resume, make it clear that the kid’s behavior is being monitored, and explain exactly why all of this is so important to the kid’s future success and happiness.

    Have you all read Coulter’s article “How to Keep Reagan Out of Office”? It is key to understanding the issue of nominations.

    Nor am I terribly impressed with Palin. She seems a little bit too interested in appearing all warm and fuzzy when there are deadly serious issues at stake. That always makes me suspicious. I’ve known too many “nice” people who turned out to be hucksters. (I’m fond of pointing out that the serial killer, Ted Bundy was a super nice, charming, attractive and witty man by all accounts. That can’t be overstated. If you have nothing else to offer, pour on the charm, thick and heavy. Anyone can do that much) It’s just that, by contrast with other Republicans, Palin seems good, which isn’t saying much.

  12. I think the masses have spoken with their dollars on the value of the political process. The majority of Americans did not want a bailout of American industry. And they saw up close how important the majority opinion was to our elected representatives. The population isn’t as interested in who won the election as much as they were interested in purchasing an insurance policy against their government.

    As far as I can tell, they are selling those policies faster than they can manufacture them. 🙁

  13. If in Bellingham, grit ones teeth and meander into the south part of town, Fairhaven – a place that only recently left the early 1970’s. The hippy ratio is regrettably high, but meander into the basement of Village Books, into the Colophon Cafe…and order one of the most disgusting-appearing soups known to man.

    Bright orange with multi-hued chunks floating in it, the African Peanut Soup looks suspiciously like the results of an over-enthusiastic night on the town after partaking of a particularly chunky range of Thai food, regurgitating, and served up in a steaming hot bowl.

    Fortunately, the scent wafting from the bubbling multi-hued effluvia promises culinary happiness…and the second nerve yourself and get past the first or second spoonful…you recognize that it is not, indeed, simulated ejecta – but a darned good soup! Dratted appearances…

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