Quote of the day–Ellie Nesler

I may not be God. But I tell you what, I’m the closest damn thing to it.

Ellie Nesler
Ellie Nesler, famed for killing accused molester, is dead
[She, essentially, got away with it. I’m not so sure I would have given her the pass she got. Even the most generous of those judging her would have to admit she did at least a couple things wrong. She should have waited for the verdict and she shouldn’t have gotten caught. Gun people will tell you she probably should have used a larger caliber gun. The .25 ACP has a lot of kills but it just isn’t very reliable on man sized predators.–Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Ellie Nesler

  1. Yeah, but five .25’s in the head beat one .44 in the foot. When using a .25, it’s like real estate: “Location, location, location.”

  2. And the .25 was probably easier to get into the courtroom.

    But each of those head shots (not all five went into his head) could have failed to penetrate his skull. Even .38’s have been known to fail to penetrate the skull.

  3. I disagree. She didn’t get away with it. She and her son had / have pretty horrible lives. He’s in jail for murder. Ellie’s life after killing that guy was a mess.

  4. 3.5 yrs isn’t much for murder, but I’m not sure it’s getting away with it either. Obviously quite a lot of dysfunction in this particular junction…

  5. So; God prefers offing bad guys with small caliber handguns? We should all keep that in mind– if the law doesn’t get you in good time, God will hunt you down and bust a cap in your ass.

    There’s an essay I’ve been considering; a study in why so many people feel that God is shirking his duties and that they must therefore take up the slack and do His work for him. So much for the whole omnipotence thingy.

  6. How’s the saying go, Lyle? “God helps those that help themselves?”

    It was California, and not a capital offense, so I can kinda understand the urge for revenge. A jail penalty for some of the sicker things out there seems like sick cosmic irony, especially given the tendency for victimization to challenge people’s belief in a deity. Still seems like there would have been better things to help with.

  7. “God helps those that help themselves?”

    If God really wanted me to believe that, or anything else, surely he’d tell me himself, unambiguously, rather than, for example, sending some twit knocking at my door holding a pamphlet, who can’t answer my simple questions. If God knows me at all, he knows that I don’t believe things just because I’m told to believe them, or because they were written in a book, or because people tell me I’m going to hell if I don’t, etc.. ; )

    But here I’m already writing that essay, and I digress from Joe’s post.

    “…I’m the closest damn thing to it.” Assuming God created us in his image, that would be technically true, I suppose, for any human. But that would be “damned” as in, “…closest damned thing…” “Damn” is a verb.

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