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I also talked to a man named Joe Huffman about his use of guns. Huffman is more unusual in his dedication to the shooting arts. He runs a yearly event called Boomershoot in Idaho, at which people shoot hundreds of yards at four-inch square targets to set off high explosives.

It’s wild fun, of course–an intense experience most shooters don’t get to have. It attracts a lot of media attention for that reason. Like Hughes, when I pressed Huffman on the subject, he explained that more than just pleasure and amusement lies at the heart of his gun ownership. He thinks it’s important to cultivate arcane, high-skilled shooting arts in people he knows because a time may come, as the Founding Fathers knew, when such skills might be useful for more than just outré amusement.

Brian Doherty
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[I admire myself for my modesty.

See also Interview about the gun culture.

Numerous other gun bloggers should also be receiving a free copy of this book soon. You’re welcome.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Brian Doherty

  1. JH,

    re: John Ross

    Since I live in St. Louis (MO) County I was able to have John Ross as my “CCW” safety trainer. He gave a very good presentation on the use of firearms for self-defense and the laws involved. He also provided a safe and instructional location for “live-fire” training.

    His training/instruction was super!

    And he SIGNED MY COPY OF “Unintended Consequences”!!

    I never spent a better hundred (when most “trainers” were charging 125 to 150).

    I got one of the first CCW’s in St. Louis County.

    I wish I could call him a friend; I would, but I just don’t know him that well, and he does not know me at all.



  2. Thank you for being interviewed by Brian Doherty. Media attention can be a problem and I understand why people (like me) avoid it (except anonymously). Doherty’s books and columns, Reason Magazine, our blogs, are the all part of communicating who and what we are with our unarmed brethren.

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