Quote of the day–Greg Hamilton

Recently I was told “well you guys are all Glock guys” “you all just like glocks” we are surely NOT “glock guys” I don’t shoot glocks because I like them. I like them because they do for me what I want. They have the combination of reliability and longevity I want; in a reasonable package size, for a reasonable price. Funny things is a lot of people pick Glocks because of how much ammo they carry, that wasn’t really in my criteria at all. The only way that would fit into my decision making is if two guns were equal in ALL other areas and one carried more ammo, then sure I’ll always take more for no trade off.

Greg Hamilton
Founder and Chief Instructor Insights Training
Insights Email List: October 25, 2008 12:21 PM Subject: Random Thoughts
[I frequently get asked “What gun should I buy?” My response is typically a heavy sigh. It depends on what you are going to use it for, how often you are going to shoot, and probably a dozen other things. The Insights instructors mostly shoot Glocks but their criteria is a little different than mine. And my criteria is a little different than the last five people that have asked me what gun to buy.

I advise new shooters to buy something fairly cheap and shoot it until they are fairly certain they are shooting better than the gun or they understand their needs well enough to buy something more appropriate. My first rifle was a SKS I paid $125 for. I put over 1000 rounds through it before I had a need for a better rifle. But I knew the rifle was holding me back and a better rifle would get better results. My first handgun was a Ruger P89. I put about 30,000 rounds through it. I even won a few steel and USPSA matches with it. By that time I knew the P89 was holding me back and I knew why. I then bought my STI Eagle because it would overcome the weaknesses for my uses I had exposed in the P89.–Joe]