Can you say “black market”?

From admittedly “not the wisest person in the world“:

One way to probably lower gun use would be to make the price of the bullet higher. I think one bullet should cost almost as much as a gun and I think bullets should be sold individually.

I feel that if people had to pay a lot more for bullets, they wouldn’t buy them as freely.

I’m not the wisest person in the world, but I know if people had to pay $100 just for one bullet, people would think twice about how important it really is to kill themselves or other people with that bullet.

The black market starts appearing when the tax on something goes above 15%. $100 for a single round is on the order of 20,000%. Her suggestion would work about as well as the prohibition against recreational drugs and probably would use much of the same supply chain.

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5 thoughts on “Can you say “black market”?

  1. Aside from the black market and the resulting increase in gang activity, which would be rampant, and would include law enforcement personel who respect the second amendment, you could make your own ammo. It’s not as if the materials are all that advanced. I expect it would be easier than cooking up meth, especially if you go with black powder.

    And yeah, I’m sure people consider the cost of ammunition when they make the decision to commit murder or suicide.

    Wow. Our public education system has really taken hold.

  2. Yeah. Right. Brilliant. That’s what we want — to encourage the Columbian cartels, the Islamist terrorists, and our native mafiosi to branch out from drugs and into arms smuggling in a big way. Great idea. Where do they come from?


  3. Sounds to me like he is stealing a Chris Rock stand-up bit. Pure satire on the part of rock, and hilarious.

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