Preparing to fight

Jeff Knox tells us where he and Mike Vanderboegh agree on the idea of using arms against a repressive government.

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2 thoughts on “Preparing to fight

  1. “Sheepdogs do not prey on sheep. They kill wolves. Keep the difference firmly in mind.”


    “…enlightened self-defense on a large scale seeking only the criminally culpable.”

    Therein lies the problem. Who is who? Both “sides” in the liberty verses statism struggle live side by side in every community, and in many households. Who is individually responsible for the evils of encroaching statism? All of us and none of us.

    I have no answer, though there’s been a lot of discussion on the subject. I believe it Was Richard Mack (sorry, Mr. Mack if I’m wrong) who indicated that the various enforcement agencies, being the “front line” in our communities, are clearly definable as being on one “side” or the other. Those who participated in the warrantless and lawless confiscations in NOLA would be one example, but now suppose they’d been acting on some new federal law under some new SCOTUS ruling, all quite “legal”?

    As I say, this subject has been discussed at length elsewhere, and for years. I have yet to see any definitive set of answers.

    Some would say we’re insane for even thinking about this stuff, yet history tells us these issues have to be faced regularly. Some will call this paranoia and fear mongering, etc.. I suppose discussing a weather report that predicts a storm is fear mongering of a sort also.

    That seems a fairly good analogy; oppression ebbs and flows at irregular intervals, much like weather, yet it’s always there, and it too is driven by forces we cannot control– forces we can’t get our hands on. It’s familiar to all of us, and we learn to live with it on a daily basis, yet we know that it’s capable of destroying us.

  2. Each day is another day closer to decision day. History does not lie. There will be a time when those in power will feel it necessary to disarm the people of the United States. Those in power who fear their citizens do so because of some form of oppression forced on the population.

    My fear is that the sheeple will turn over their guns here (willingly) as has happened in many other societies in history. When/if that happens the Constitution is null and void in totality.

    People who are fearful of discussing this scenario are not to be trusted. If they do not know history by now, they will become history in the future. Sitting on an easy chair watching buggar-ball is no different than doing nothing when your neighbor is being murdered.

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