Turn it over so it can’t be stolen

Wendy Cukier is at it again:

It’s one of the many measures that can help,” Ryerson professor and gun control advocate Wendy Cukier said yesterday. “When guns are removed from homes, it reduces the chance they are misused or stolen … That can have an impact on public safety.”

The amnesty program, Pixels for Pistols, is a joint endeavour with the 26-store Henry’s camera chain, based on Church St. in Toronto. For four weeks, Toronto residents who hand over a gun, legal or not, will receive a digital camera, either a Nikon Coolpix S52 or a Coolpix P60, listed at $230 and $190 on the Henry’s website. The offer includes photography lessons.

I find odd she doesn’t recommend turning over your car and money to the government too. Those might be misused as well. Oh, wait, the Democrats in this country are saying that. 

Jeff has other comments on the plan.


4 thoughts on “Turn it over so it can’t be stolen

  1. Tis a pity they aren’t doing this in Seattle. I need a better camera and have a permanently frozen Arisaka and a Turk Mauser with bent barrel available for trade in.

  2. I knew a guy who was manufacturing guns specifically for these trade-in offers. They were largely unusable junk, but just barely fit the definition of a “firearm”.

    Sure– turn in all your property so it can’t be “misused or stolen”. Then all your cares and troubles will have been eliminated. If you’re not supposed to care about your self-defense, why care about your property? “Turn on, tune in, and drop out.”

  3. Taken further it may be an idea to turn over your home so it won’t be stolen and used as a meth lab. But libs are the meth users, correct?

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