Mayor Greg Nickels needs things “clarified”

Via Dave Hardy (from last week–I’m still getting caught up from being on vacation) I discovered someone has a serious comprehension problem:

Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels says he’s hoping for “further clarity” on his authority to ban guns on city property.

He said Wednesday the city has a “moral responsibility” to pursue what he calls common sense gun laws.

Attorney General Rob McKenna issued a nonbinding opinion Monday that says cities lack the authority to ban guns because local laws would conflict with state regulations.

One would think the mayor would have hear of D.C. v. Heller. And if that wasn’t enough, in case you forgot, the AG said, using the plain and simple words, “The answer to your question is no.”

Perhaps Nickels needs a “clue by four” to assist him in comprehending simple sentences. If so, The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms says they are ready to supply the necessary clarification in the form of a lawsuit.


One thought on “Mayor Greg Nickels needs things “clarified”

  1. Good for CCRKBA. I live in northern Nevada. Some of that anti gun sentiment is infiltrating here from Kalifornia blow-ins. (Kalifornia does have a HUGE pro gun population however). We in Nevada don’t have a large general population or an organized group such as CCRKBA. Yea, I am an NRA member, but the local pro gun groups have very effective clout.

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