Blogger meet in the Seattle area

Phil of Random Nuclear Strikes and Gay_Cynic of FreeThinker (in email to me) are suggesting a blogger meet in the greater Seattle area:

I’m debating throwing together a monthly brunch in the PNW for pro-gun/pro-liberty bloggers.  Nothing fancy, nothing formal, just food, BS’ing, and the occasional mad conspiracy to demonstrate the essential foolishness of Nickels & Co and his regrettably common fellow travelers.

Maybe call it the “Fluffy Bunnies from Hades Brunch Group”?

Think you’d be up for it? Know others that might be?

If  you are interested send me an email or leave a comment somewhere.

Update: The time and place has been decided:

10:00 AM
Saturday Sunday, September 13th 14th
Eggs Cetera’s Blue Star Cafe
4512 Stone Way N
Seattle, WA 98103
Phone: (206) 548-0345

Update2: The date has changed to Sunday the 14th.


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