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It is just me, or does MS spell checker not recognize typos that come purely from proximity on the keyboard (“fat-fingering”)?  Example; the word “and” typed as “ans”– I don’t get “and” offered as a correction option.  I find this sort of thing often.

OK, so I’m a whiner.


5 thoughts on “Quick Question

  1. On my Mac I don’t get an underline for ans but do for anf anc ane anr anx so I suspect that ans must be a word. According to the dictionary it is an abbreviation for answer. But like you, and is not in the list of corrections for those other variations. But for teh I do get prompted for the.

    It would be useful if you could train your dictionary in more detail than just ‘add this word’.

  2. It’s not just you, I’ve noticed it too. The Firefox spell checker is much better, but still doesn’t pick up ans. Maybe it is a word.

  3. Go Tools -> Options -> User;

    Click the box to put a check next to ‘User is ham-fisted’.

    Click on ‘Apply’.

  4. TJH; Hmm. My version doesn’t seem to have that option, but that is exactly what I need. I’m hoping they’ll offer it as an upgrade. Alternatively I could learn to type, but that’s just, well, far-fetched. Better to have a whole team of software engineers dedicated to the problem for years. That would be much easier, you know, for me.

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