On the air

Well, not really “on the air” in the traditional sense.

Tomorrow night Rob Allen and I will be guests on http://blogtalkradio.com/gunnuts hosted by Caleb and Squeaky. The topic will be the Para sponsored training with Todd Jarrett at Blackwater this weekend. Caleb, Robb, and I (along with a bunch of others) will be participating. Caleb also wants to talk about our bet.

Listeners are welcome to call in so in addition to listening you should consider calling to tell me how silly it was of me to accept a shooting bet with someone I have never seen shoot.


One thought on “On the air

  1. Hey! That’s right! Have a good time (I was going to type, blast, but then you’d go and take it litertally… B-) ).

    I hope that Para surprises all of you by allowing you to keep the weapon you train with. I mean, that would make sense right? You are trained with the weapon and they want you all using their weapon, blogging about how nice it is… B-)

    Just call me “swag hound” – and that would be the ultimate swag.

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