Attack! Attack! Attack!

In response to Joe’s recent post, Racking up the Victories, I offer this a little pep talk to the troops in the gun rights organizations.

We’ve taken the beach, as Joe put it, and established a tenuous foothold.  This is just the beginning of the fight.  Give no quarter and take no prisoners.

The anti gun movement has inconvenienced us, insulted us, and harassed us at every opportunity.  They’ve accused us of being responsible for other people’s crimes, they’ve accused us of being dangerous, “bloodthirsty” and of being “vigilantes” just because we stood up for a guaranteed  human right.  They’ve ruined people’s homes and property in bogus raids, justified with bogus “sting” operations.  They’ve charged innocent people with “crimes” because a piece of wood or a piece of steel was an eighth inch too short or a magazine held “too many” cartridges for their tastes.  They’ve put people out of business and bankrupted them for minor clerical errors.  They currently have innocent people in jail, they’ve left untold numbers of people defenseless against criminal and terrorist attacks, they’ve pitted American against America, and they’ve outright killed people who did no wrong to anyone.  All this and much more they have done under the color of law.

I could go on for another thousand words, but you get the point.  The anti gun movement has been disrespectful, mean, cruel, ruthless, dishonest, completely without morals or principles, in full, open, blatant contempt for the Founding Principles of this country.

In short, some of the very people charged with protecting our Liberty have been in the front lines fighting against it.  It’s like a security guard turned burglar, a bodyguard turned rapist, or a policeman turned murderer.

They still have prisoners.  And they preach to us, telling us they have a “right to their beliefs” and that we’re supposed to be the picture of “tolerance”, restraint, and even politeness in return!

If this fight is going to have any success at all– any meaning for future generations, there has to be a price paid by those who have fought so hard to destroy an important part of the U.S. Constitution, undermine the security of our neighborhoods, and spit on our American culture.  The price must be very high, so future generations can look back and see the consequences of attacking the American people’s very lives and Liberty from within, under the color of law.


5 thoughts on “Attack! Attack! Attack!

  1. Well put!

    We’re on the beach. We just won a skirmish at Morton’s Grove. Willamette surrendered without a fight. But the Battle of Chicago is about to begin.

  2. You forgot ‘(over) compensating for a small penis’, which is one of my faves. 🙂

  3. Peter, you are very stupid. Go back to your mama and ask her to hold your hand, baby. Also, pull your thumb out of your rectum and put it back where it usually is. In your mouth.

  4. Terry, I think Peter is on our side. He was just pointing out that Lyle left out one of the insults used against us.

  5. Terry: Yeah, sometimes is taken seriously too, and in the first few moments I thought the Brady-Blog was serious. Good satire is, well, a lot like the real thing. Sometimes there’s no difference at all.

    Peter; You’re right. I forgot that one. And anytime you hear it used seriously, you can be sure it’s coming from envy. I’ve heard it in reference to fast cars, 4×4 pickups, guns, or just about anything that’s fun, powerful and expensive. They say it in general about any very wealthy man, which points to their overall outlook on the world. High achievers are bad people, which in turn makes the anti, the statist/socialist a better person. It’s a protection mechanism and a vent for hatred and envy at the same time. Pretty smart, really, if it’s all you have.

    Like I said though, I could go on for another thousand words. Here’s a bit more if you like that sort of thing.

    So what’s a woman compensating for when she earns a lot of money and buys these things? I could speculate, but I’d like an anti to answer that. I can pretty well guess. NO wait, I’ve actually heard it– they call her “sandpaper cunt” and similar demeaning, sexual taunts. Apparently they teach that in public school debate and philosophy classes these days.

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