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The ACLU joins the NRA as the advocates of cowards, sneak thieves and psycopaths. I challenge Mr. Peck to identify where in the 2nd Amendment or any Federalist Paper is found the right to bear arms for “self protection.”

You will soon be receiving the bloody shoes of the victims from across the nation.

The illegal guns that flood Cleveland and Detroit and Chicago come from your redneck gun shows and gun shops. I understand now why Nevadans need 8 or 10 guns: people this offensively stupid must have thousands of enemies. Add to that throng the families of the kids that get killed every day just because you need those pistols to feel like men. You’re pathetic weaklings.

It’s sad that when it comes to guns, what happens in Vegas bleeds throughout the rest of the country.

7:34 AM July 11, 2008
A comment to the article: Only in Nevada: ACLU opposes gun control–State affiliate bucks national stance, supporting the right to bear arms
[I think the article needs some comments to counterbalance those of this bigot. The ACLU blog post on the 2nd Amendment is up to nearly 1000 comments now with no significant sign of sympathy for their position.–Joe]


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  1. I’m at a loss for words. How can someone be so ignorant and bigoted?

    I’m reminded of a quote from “Marvin, the paranoid android” in Douglas Adams’ “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”:

    “It gives me a headache just trying to think down to [his] level.”

  2. “Self-defense is a right all species on this planet have claimed for all time.”

    Damn straight. Even vegetables and protozoans.

    Otherwise, how come we have poisonous plants?

    I wrote down what you wrote there, Joe, with your name, and the date and time it was posted, too.

  3. I went to the Las Vegas Sun and posted this:

    Where guns are illegal, only criminals will have guns.

    – or –

    Only the law abiding will obey gun laws.

    Either way you look at it, how terribly difficult is that to understand?

    The Nevada ACLU has taken a step in the right direction. Now we will wait and see if they put actions behind their words. We’ll see if they fight to support those who’s right to keep and bear arms is being infringed. I’ve often wondered how the national organization could claim to support human rights while in effect denying the existence of the Second Amendment.

    Surely, anyone, privately, can understand the right to live, and the right to be secure in one’s home, etc..

    Without the use of arms, the weaker among us, and those who may suffer from discrimination, are vulnerable to the strong or to the many. The gun is a great equalizer, and it is a great civilizing influence in a free society. The national ACLU had best get up to speed on this critical issue or it’s going to become more of a laughing stock than an influence.

  4. And this one:

    I am sick and tired of people in gang-controlled, utterly corrupt cities like DC and Chicago, et al, preaching to the rest of us. One would think that looking at a law-abiding, peaceful and productive city or state, you would see a model for success and try to emulate it, rather than blaming us for your problems and trying to get US to adopt YOUR miserably failing (and anti-Constitutional) social experiments. Get a freaking clue, already!

    “…you blithering, pathetic morons” I did not say.

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