Kim has been accepted at the U of I

Daughter Kim called me a few minutes ago to tell me she has been officially accepted at the University of Idaho.

Yaaaaahhhh Kim!

She plans to study accounting. She is smart and is good with math so this should be a good match for her.

Now I just need to get her connected up with Students for Concealed Carry on Campus. There is a conference in D.C. on August 1st that would be interesting for her to attend–if I could get her to leave her husband for a few days. Fat chance of that happening… Maybe she will participate in the empty holster days. That would be nice. But, more important than my political goals is for her to get the education she needs so she can get a good job.

Here is a picture of her just so you know who I’m talking about:


7 thoughts on “Kim has been accepted at the U of I

  1. Maybe she should check out Electrical Engineering. Lots of fun, interesting jobs…

  2. I have two degrees in electrical engineering. For some reason kids seldom want follow the same path as their parents. Kim has been a “I’ll do it my way” type of person since she could talk. Probably even before that but she just couldn’t express it.

    Plus EE jobs are mostly in the big cities. I’m not so sure she and Caleb would tolerate that very well.

  3. I didn’t know she hadn’t been to college. Good for her!

  4. Congrats, Kim! Be sure to talk regularly with some of the professional accountants in the area as well, once you get going. There are some good firms in the Spokane area too.

  5. actually, joe, perhaps you could get her away from me for a few days…this is how you do it: Ask her when she’s mad at me 🙂

    She’ll pack her bags in a second, then change her mind in a few hours when she calms down so make sure you time the flight just right 😉 hehe…

    She is very excited about going. Took me awhile to talk her into it. I want her to carry on campus, due to previous events that took place at some colleges.. is this not allowed?

  6. Well first congrats to her. Secondly I’m glad to hear it sounds like there will at least be a replacement in the ranks since I’m graduating. I will still participate when possible, but it’s so much easier to raise hell when you’re a full time student.

    Caleb, sadly people seem to think that gun control on campus is still a good idea, even though they’ve been proven over and over that their theory is incorrect. Every event has happened in a “gun free zone”. Didn’t do a lick of good now did it? Some of these people seem to think guns magically make someone crazy, violent and some how they will discharge on their own. After a debate on the WSU campus a facebook group formed against concealed carry. Needless to say they were only able to obtain a few members relative to the 100+ members of the pro side.

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