Quote of the day–Alan Korwin

The core issue of “judicial scrutiny” is now established — better than we had dreamed — in what will be known as Famous Footnote #27 (p56). Laws impinging on the Second Amendment can receive no lower level of review than any other “specific enumerated right” such as free speech, the guarantee against double jeopardy or the right to counsel (the Court’s list of examples).

This is a tremendous win, and overlooked in all initial reviews I’ve seen. Attorney Mike Anthony was the first to spot it, way to go Mike. “Strict scrutiny,” which many folks sought, is a term without formal definition that could prove problematic. I was hoping for a test of some sort and got more than I hoped for. By recognizing 2A as a “specific enumerated right” the majority ties 2A to the rigid standards and precedents of our most cherished rights. That’s as strong as there is. Very clever indeed.

Alan Korwin
June 30, 2008
Heller Decision — Deeper Analysis
[Korwin is a lawyer specializing in gun laws (www.gunlaws.com). Take what he has to say seriously.–Joe]