We are going to lose which means we win

It must be hard to keep moral up when they are being crushed. Even as they are waving the white flag they are saying they are going to win:

While the Brady Campaign is waving the white flag in the long-running debate on whether the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to bear arms or merely a state’s right to assemble a militia, it is hoping that losing the “legal battle” will eventually lead to gun control advocates winning the “political war.”

“We’re expecting D.C. to lose the case,” Helmke said. “But this could be good from the standpoint of the political-legislative side.”

I won’t consider the war over until we start putting some of these people, the politicians, and the police in jail over this deprivation of rights that has been going on for decades.


One thought on “We are going to lose which means we win

  1. I agree fully Joe. Put ’em jail. But first we need to re-educate the general moronic public to the real meaning of the Bill of Rights and the Second Ammendment. I don’t know how to do this, maybe you do.


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