Another hazard of cellphones

Man catches girlfriend’s sex romp on mobile call:

The court was told that the girl named Toni Milton sat on her cell phone by mistake while having sex with her old flame, and thereby unknowingly dialled the number of Neil O’Brien.

She came to know about the blunder only when she heard the muffled sounds of O’Brien.

Not knowing who was on the other side, she said “Hello”, and heard O’Brien shouting in rage.

“I take it we’re finished, then?” British tabloid The Sun quoted O’Brien as shouting.

Angered by what his girlfriend had done, O’Brien drove 15 miles to her home, beat her up in her bedroom and smashed up her possessions.

Just wait until your cell phone GPS can be queried remotely and without your permission.


4 thoughts on “Another hazard of cellphones

  1. It already can.

    There’s a company (don’t have the link handy) that offers GPS-phone-based travel tracking. The official idea is to let parents check where there kids are based on the kids’ cellphones. The only authorization needed, apparantly, was to respond to a single text message on the phone in question, once. It’s easy enough to get someone’s cell phone for a few minutes, even without legal authority.

  2. Among other things I do I write applications for cell phones (including GPS stuff). At least with the Windows Mobile devices it’s a little more complicated than that but not much. It would be trival to write an application that silently uploads your position every few minutes. The only thing you might notice would be the increased battery drain. We (MS) would not sell/give/make-available an application like that (we take privacy very seriously here) but if you knew what you were doing you could put together something in a weeekend or two that would work well enough on a select phone or three.

  3. Odd. Does that happen often to you? That seems strange to me because I’ve never known your wife to sit on her phone when I was with her.


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