Decisions, decisions

Tomorrow ATF inspector Sue will show up at my house and we will go for a little ride into the country. My ATF type 20 license to manufacture high explosives is up for renewal and they need to inspect my storage facility before they renew it.

As I was going through my closet this morning I wondered what I should wear tomorrow. I considered my Boomershoot t-shirt with this image:

But that’s a little tame. I wanted something a little more edgy for the occasion.

For about a half second I considered this one from JPFO (they no longer sell it so I’m saving mine for special occasions):

Elian’s story can be found here and occurred during those dark days while Janet Reno (The Butcher of Waco) was still in power.

I decided that shirt was a little too over the top even for me when meeting with someone from the ATF–in particular a meeting with Sue. Sue is very nice, I had lunch with her a few years ago and then we had a nice talk as we drove out to the Boomershoot site. She was helpful with getting my explosives storage facility into compliance with the government regulations. A couple years later I saw something posted on a website that could have been a threat toward her. I sent an email to her with the link and although Sue never responded alternate sources indicated I was the first one to tell her about it and everyone took it serious enough to put extra effort into her safety.

I decided it would be very rude and completely uncalled for me to wear the above shirt.

So… what shirt to wear tomorrow. I finally decided on Celebrate Diversity:

I’ll let you know how it goes after I drive back to my bunker in the Seattle area tomorrow night.


2 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions

  1. I also have one of “All those in favor of gun control…” shirts from the JPFO. Sadly it too looks like it’s been discontinued. I keep searching for a time to wear it but it just never appears. Though it did get me in plenty of trouble in high school.

  2. I have that one too. I also have the “Trigger Locks–Rapist Approved” t-shirt. It also has been discontinued.

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