They should put Brady and company on the byline

This article, from the headline:

Relaxation on gun control, unlicensed sales contribute to gun violence in Oakland

to the last section:

‘Every day I hear gun shots’

Fourteen-year-old C.J. described that paranoia, and sometimes the lack of it, in an interview. The West Oakland youth has come to live with the sound of gunshots.

“Every day, I hear gun shots — well, not every day, but most days of the week,” C.J. said. “When we play, we hear gunshots. If they get closer and closer, then we run inside.”

One night when he and his brother were walking home from a party at a cousin’s house on Eighth Street, “the guns started going off and we ran,” he said. “Everybody was screaming and running. I was just running different ways trying not to get hurt. I jumped into someone’s back yard and waited.”

When the gunfire stopped, he went looking for his brother and found him waiting inside someone’s house.

Still, C.J. said he does not expect to get shot. He said it is usually people arguing who shoot at each other, and he avoids arguments.

C.J. said this with conviction, having accepted that gunfire is a part of daily life and figured out a way to avoid it. He lost his father to gunfire in Oakland a decade ago and seems to have thought carefully about how to avoid that fate.

“They keep going back and forth killing each other,” he said. “It’s not scary to me because I’m not in those arguments.”

It is nothing but falsehoods, speculation, misleading information, and anecdotes designed to alarm and frighten.

This wasn’t written by journalists. This was written by people that should be on the Brady Campaign payroll.