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My bags are almost all packed and I’m scheduled to arrive in Louisville tomorrow night. The Second Amendment Blog Bash and the NRA Annual Meeting are the attraction. Blogging may be lighter than usual. I tend to stay up way late into the night/morning talking to people.

Other bloggers that I have meet who will be attending include Kevin, Say Uncle, Sebastian, and USCitizen. That would almost make it worth the trip. The other 40 or so bloggers I haven’t met will make it more than worthwhile. Then there are the 65,000 other people that are expected to show up. It should be quite a party.

What interests me is not just the pleasure of meeting thousands of other like minded people but knowing that the Brady Bunch, the VPC, and all the other bigot organizations would have trouble getting as many people together on an annual basis as I do for Boomershoot. Isn’t that odd?

The NRA can get tens of thousands of people annually and how many does the “Million Mom March” muster every year? Why isn’t the voting on legislation and legislators just as lopsided? We have some tremendous advantages because we have something besides hate binding us together. We have our love of freedom, our interests in firearms, and all the activities that go into that. Their goals are the destruction of a culture that enables them to exist in freedom, peace, and security. It’s as if they are, in essence, suicidal. With such mental problems I guess it isn’t a surprise their numbers are small and that unless they are collecting a paycheck from their efforts they usually soon lose focus and drift away. That’s good for our side but it seems odd they wield as much power as they do. It must be the appeal of simple solutions to complex and/or unsolvable problems.


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  1. Oleg, that is 6 or 7 hours in travel time plus time on location. I’ll send you an email.

    Robb, I’m always surprised and a little embarrased people want to meet me. Thank you for the interest. See you tomorrow…

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