Letter to Dave Barry

With these links the following should be self-explanatory:

May 12, 2008

Dave Barry
1 Herald Plaza
Miami, FL 33132

Dear Mr. Barry,

Please find enclosed some of the pieces from the toilet we blew up April 27th at Boomershoot 2008. We used four pounds of high explosives, five gallons of gasoline and six road flares in the process. As you can see the disassembly and disinfecting process was quite effective. Pieces were found over 100 yards away and most were seared with high temperature flames.

The next Boomershoot will be April 26th, 2009. We would be honored if you were to attend and were to fire the first shot at a low-flow toilet suitably equipped with appropriate aggressive chemical “cleaners”.


Joe Huffman
Boomershoot Event Director


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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever booked a hotel room 11 months and 10 days in advance, until just now…

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