Dancing with gun laws

Robert Novak tells us of the tap dance Obama is doing with gun rights. I learned a couple things. I didn’t know that he taught constitutional law for 10 years. And I didn’t know this:

Obama’s dance on gun rights is part of his evolution from a radical young state legislator a few years ago. He was recorded in a 1996 questionnaire as advocating a ban on the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns (a position since disavowed). He was on the board of the Chicago-based Joyce Foundation, which takes an aggressive gun control position, and in 2000 considered becoming its full-time president. In 2006, he voted with an 84 to 16 majority (and against Clinton) to prohibit confiscation of firearms during an emergency, but that is his only pro-gun vote in Springfield or Washington.

He was on the board of the Joyce Foundation and considered becoming its full-time president? And now he wants to be the President of the United States?

That’s far worse than the fox guarding the hen house, giving an alcoholic the keys to the liquor store, or giving teenagers whiskey and the keys to a sports car. It is every bit as bad as giving a Democrat politician taxpayer money and power.


3 thoughts on “Dancing with gun laws

  1. I don’t get any pleasure from dealing with politicians. Nearly everything they do is unconstitutional and I write them off after only a few minutes of “observation”. After that I don’t need to know anything more about them. It’s sort of like giving a crinmal ten consequentive life sentences instead of three. Does it really matter?

  2. I have to agree with Joe on this one. Every politician I have ever seen has started lying about the exact instant his lips have started moving.

    They can be incredibly sincere and completely wrong, and convince most people they are right!


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