4 thoughts on “TSA is so screwed

  1. Isn’t this video a hoax ? There is a hiccup in the continuity at the point where the explosion is supposed to have happened.

  2. I can’t say that the discontinuity is proof of a hoax. But as I was laying in bed last night I was wondering about the hoax angle for a different reason. The mass of the explosive material was just so small. Had the pen been full of material I wouldn’t have been at all surprised at the effects. But that drop seems to be a couple orders of magnitude too small for any of the explosives I know of. And none of my explosives books hint at such power per unit mass. I’m going to do some more research on this…

  3. Yeah, without telling me what the components are and not allowing me to research, I can’t buy into this. If it was that powerful and that easy, we’d be seeing this daily methinks.

  4. If you get a screen cap from the “watch again” portion, the encoding of the video makes a nice mix of two frames. The sparks are coming from the lower-right hand side, apparently from something that was propping up the melon. Seems sort of selective that that sparks would only go through the melon and appear out the other side, and not in both directions, considering where the pen is placed. Also, the post gets through without so much as a splinter sticking out. (Consider the physical laws regarding pressure and distance, and the small diameter of the charge.)

    I doubt a 60 f/s video, re-encoded to 30 f/s and 256Kbps stream would catch something moving at 4,600fps+, so I’m not surprised that the explosion occurs in only two frames.

    I call b.s.

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