Can you say hyperbole?

From NIU parents call for more gun control:

“Think of how many (people) are on anti-depressants in this country,” she said. “If someone goes off their medication does that mean we should hand them a weapon of mass destruction to go and act out their despair?”


Jacob said she felt that more funding needed to be put towards mental health services.

“I think there should be more focus on mental health,” she said, though she also believed in more gun control. “I don’t think these kinds of guns belong in anyone’s hands, sane or not sane. And law enforcement doesn’t need these kinds of guns in people’s hands.”

John and Sharon Roszkowski, of Downers Grove, are parents of a student at NIU and came all the way to Skokie for the press conference. Sharon said she was primarily looking for what she as an individual could do to help prevent similar events from happening in the future.

“I think there are just too many shootings,” she said.

The press conference didn’t give her a good idea of what she could do, but at least, “I feel like I have a direction,” she said.

A pump 12-gauge shotgun and a couple 9mm handguns are WMDs? And no one should have these kinds of guns? Then they should start by removing them from the police.

I especially like the part about not having a good idea of what to but yet she has a direction. Press conferences, emotion, and more government–that’s what they do, that is their “currency”.