Quote of the day–Jeff Knox

The media figured out long ago that it’s a bad idea to show streakers and unruly fans at football and baseball games. When some idiot runs out onto the field in his birthday suit the cameras cut away and the announcers just comment that there’s an idiot screwing up the game. They never publicize the moron’s name or discuss his actions because they know that the publicity will just encourage some other moron to play copy-cat. For some reason they can’t maintain that kind of standard when mass murder is involved. They seek out the murderer’s family and friends, they publish their rants and photo’s and they give the bastards exactly what they want – fame.

I’m just a little-bitty corner of the media; a small voice crying out in the wilderness, but I will never again name a murderer or play a role in keeping his memory alive. I hope that others in the media will grow a conscience and do likewise. I don’t expect it, but I will continue to hope.

Jeff Knox
February 15, 2008
Copy Cats
The Firearms Coalition


One thought on “Quote of the day–Jeff Knox

  1. I too was offended by the article I read discussing the gunman’s problems and trials.

    What about the victims? Are they of no value? We don’t hear about them and their problems and trials. We hear about the creep who made them victims.

    No, wait… that’s not right. The authorities made those people vicitms, with their damnable gun free zones.

    I guess the most offensive people in this are the GFWs.

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