Quote of the day–Alan Gura, Robert A. Levy, Clark M. Neily III

Certainly Petitioners would not dispute Americans’ justification for revolting against Great Britain, an event that would not have been possible without the private ownership of firearms. And should our Nation someday suffer tyranny again, preservation of the right to keep and bear arms would enhance the people’s ability to act as militia in the manner practiced by the Framers.

Alan Gura
Robert A. Levy
Clark M. Neily III
February 4, 2008
On Writ Of Certiorari To The United States Court Of Appeals For The District Of Columbia Circuit
[I just completed reading the entire thing. Lots of good stuff in it. At times I have been concerned Heller’s case would be made too narrow. That is no longer a concern. If anything this brief may be too broad because it will scare the white people. Not that I think that view is out of line with the original intent and the requirement for a free state, just that scaring the white people has it’s risks.

In this case the good guys played it as if this one is for all the marbles–which it is. Good luck to us all.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Alan Gura, Robert A. Levy, Clark M. Neily III

  1. So, my idea for a t-shirt with “Autistic Gun Nut” printed on it would be a bad idea, as it would scare the white people?

    I’d still like to make one, though, because, well, I *am*!

    (No official DX, but I kicked your ass on that AQ test, with a 40.)

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