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Thank you for saving my life, and to the rest of you thank you for fighting for this man’s right to protect me and my child. Tell him for me that I will no longer be part of the group who invades his home, and tries to tell him how to store his guns. Tell him I will never be part of any group who tries to make it impossible for him to buy his tool he used to save me. And tell him I will never again tell him how to raise his children properly, because obviously I was oblivious to the fact that responsible people such as him know how to raise their children better than I do.

Forgive me, for I have sinned.–An About Face After Being Saved by a Gun Owner
Via Uncle
[This is one of those stories that is almost too good to be true and I’m suspicious. I could email the person that supplied the story, Brian Clifford, but I haven’t. If someone finds out it is a fabrication please let me know.

Update: More suspicion of fakery.–Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day–Anonymous

  1. I don’t suspect a single thing. It’s bullshit for sure. It’s full of red flags, it’s written by a man, and by someone who’s had a long-term right wing position. This “convert” didn’t only change “her” position on guns overnight, the incident didn’t just happen while she was on the way home from an anti-gun march (wow) but it made “her” reject all socialist beliefs all at once, in one fell swoop, and then perfectly adopt the language of the Right at the same time.

    Uh, no. I’ve seen better in Penthouse Forum. This was the product of some lonely, frustrated man’s pro-gun wet dream. I could do a far better job of faking a story. For one thing, I know the language of the Left, I know Leftists, and I know they don’t do a total reorganization of every fiber of their being overnight, no matter the circumstances.

    My only question is why keepanbeararms would fall for it.

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