Cleaning up your mess

Via Uncle.

As I said the other day, I get requests from people wanting to blow stuff up but they aren’t interested in cleaning up the mess. Some messes can’t be cleaned up. This guy’s mess may affect all gun owners:

It may have started as a goofy stunt, but tonight a 30 year old Red Wing area man is in hot water with authorities, after detonating a powerful bomb in back of his home yesterday afternoon. “When you can take a steel box, a dump truck box, turn it into scrap metal and send it 1/4 mile away… that’s a bomb,” reasoned Goodhue County Sheriff Dean Albers, whose detectives are investigating the case.

The suspect admits buying 100 pounds of an explosive material advertised as ‘Tannerite’ from an internet website. The compound is most commonly used by long range target shooters, who aim at 8 ounce cans and know they’ve hit their mark when they explode. The suspect’s device was the equivalent of 200 of those cans. “He had placed it inside of a barell inside the bed of an old dump truck, and shot it it with a 50 caliber rifle from 300 yards away,” explained Albers.


One thought on “Cleaning up your mess

  1. Probably an anti. What a made-to-order event for the antis– a 50 and a big, dangerous explosion.

    Hire a few guys to do that in a few months’ period, and bingo.

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