Indignation Education verses Real Situation

Thomas Sowell is one of my heroes, but I’ve never known him to comment on guns or shooting until now.

Even within a range of 6 feet or less, the police miss more often than they hit — 57 percent of the shots at that distance miss and 43 percent hit.

As you might expect, there are even fewer hits at longer distances. At 75 feet — which is less than the distance from first base to second base — only 7 percent of the shots hit.

Moreover, just because a shot has hit does not mean that it is now safe to stop shooting.

Sowell wastes not a single word while offering more perspective than an entire flock of regular journalists.


2 thoughts on “Indignation Education verses Real Situation

  1. Sowell, if I recall correctly, is a Marine who did a stint as a marksmanship instructor. As always, his comments are spot on.

  2. A pistol instructor? My goodness!

    I think all Sowell left out was the Tueller drill and auditory exclusion!

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